Green tires – improved safety, less fuel, lower costs

Welcome to the Green Tyres website, run by LANXESS, the only dedicated resource for consumers wanting to learn about the cost and environmental benefits of switching to green tyres. This website is designed to explain how new tyre labels, coming to the UK this year, can help you reduce your annual fuel bills, and why it will change the type of tyres you can buy in outlets across the country.

A new European law is being introduced in the UK in November 2012. It means that any tyre sold in Europe will need to come with a label demonstrating how fuel efficient, safe and noisy that tyre is.

As a motorist, you will now be able to purchase tyres on the basis of which ones will offer the greatest savings on annual fuel bills, the highest reduction in carbon emissions, and the shortest braking distances. In short, these labels, if used properly, will help you save money, the environment and keep you safe on the road.

By way of example, motorists moving to the highest rated tyres can expect save up to £500 annually.


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